What is the CT Project?

The concept for The Civilization    Transformation Project came out of the realization that current, world-saving technologies are not being developed, supported, and funded to the degree which is needed. At this moment in time, mankind DOES have the potential to completely transform the way in which civilization recklessly consumes our planets resources, but DOES NOT have the will to do so since complacency seems to be the mantra of the day.” Members of The CT Project are committed to supporting, as well as demonstrating, these much needed and much overdue technologies. Doing so will help to avert the inevitable melt-down of society, which will occur, if radical change is not initiated. 

How are we going to do this?

The short answer to this question is: with your help!

You’re probably thinking to yourself, “who – me? or are you referring to the next person who reads this…or are you referring to the enlightened ones mentioned in your mission statement?”

The answer now becomes: with the help of those drawn to participate in this GREAT transformation!

More specifically, we will create a series of demonstration sites (with the first two projects located in Panama City, Panama & Quito, Ecuador) to showcase the latest, sustainable technology available.  
Why begin these projects in Latin America?

The short answer: to save what remains of the rainforests - vital to the health of our planet!

You will have an open invitation to participate in this ultimate, eco-experience!  People such as yourself will come to witness this incredible technology in action and participate in educational programs with subsequent mastermind sessions.  These sessions are intended to manifest the "creative genius" within us all, which will help to accelerate the discovery of optimal solutions needed to save our imperiled planet.

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Our Mission

The Civilization    Transformation Project represents a community of concerned and enlightened world citizens who strive to serve mankind and preserve the natural environment by inspiring, supporting and demonstrating the optimal solutions in the following areas; clean energy, nature preservation & revitalization, sustainable agriculture, green technology, personal growth and health.
Examples of cutting-edge technology to be demonstrated
Infinite Possibilities -
                             Optimal Solutions...