Once the facilities have been secured and preparations have been made...

Your 10-day journey will begin in Panama City to witness the unbridled growth of a developing, cosmopolitan city. You and your party will be transported from Tocumen Int'l Airport to a high-rise condominium...complete with eco-friendly flare and breath-taking views of the city skyline and Pacific Ocean.

The following day will find the group touring Panama City's "must-see" attractions. All meals along the way (entire journey) will be provided by either dining at the most "clean-food" friendly establishments or personally prepared by our staff. The group will then return to the condo for a second night's stay.     

The following morning, we travel north for an overnight visit with the Embera, an indigenous tribe who still live in the rainforest. This will be an eye-opening contrast to life in the BIG city. The Embera play perfect hosts to our curiosity about their heritage and beautiful, sustainable culture. 

We then drive westward on the Pan-American Highway, taking in the sights through the heartland of Panama, stopping along the way for lunch at an upscale Chinese-Panamanian restaurant. The day's journey ends just before nightfall after arriving at the sleepy, coastal town of Santa Catalina. You'll dine on local cuisine and spend the night at a quaint, hillside resort overlooking the town and Pacific islands.

The next morning we'll board an awaiting vessel and set sail for Isla  Coiba  - a remote, pristine, and unimaginably beautiful island off the Pacific coast. The day is spent viewing an incredible diversity of marine life (whales, dolphins, sea turtles, etc.), snorkeling and exploring the uninhabited island. Once back to the mainland, the group will spend one more night at the resort.

The next day we proceed northward to an animal sancturary located in the cloud forest of the western highlands.  Here's where you'll witness a perfect synergy of eco-friendly technology in action while residing in the comfort of your Eco-Suite. The following four days, you'll be invited to participate in the "transformation of civilization" (educational programs and subsequent mastermind sessions), as well as other, optional activities and excusions. 

Once your time with us has been completed, you'll be transported back to Panama City...to continue on your incredible journey!
Infinite Possibilities -
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Restore and explore the biological cooridor!

A large part of the CT Project's effort is the restoration and preservation of our natural environment. It's for this reason we will mostly work adjacent to a major, developing, biological corridor currently being established. It's from this area we'll be able to support the efforts of wildlife conservation groups, biologists and other scientific groups from around the world. The strategy being employed by many of these groups is to educate local residents (farmers, ranchers, etc.) about the vital importance of co-existing with nature. The Colosseum of Higher Consciousness will be the perfect venue for much of this effort.  
Planned destinations of CTP Discoveries.
A meditation area at Hotel Rio Cristobal
Do you see what we see?

It is our sincerest hope that you've captured the spirit, vision and realization of what the CT Project can and will accomplish. This effort is being put forth by a group of dedicated visionaries to reverse the course of destructive human activity and hence create a more peaceful existence on the planet. We hope that you'll join us on this "crusade of crusades" with your moral and/or financial support.

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An EPIC adventure to a region undergoing massive transformation -
Why Panama?

This is one of our most frequently asked questions...and the best answer we can give is, "why not Panama?" We believe that in order to "think outside of the box" - you need to "get outside of the box." To venture outside of your familiar surroundings is imperative to view the world from a whole new perspective. Here are some of the reasons why Panama is the perfect place...

Panama is currently undergoing the massive transformation from an undeveloped country into a developed, diverse economy. There are many factors working there...creating an interesting dynamic unique to other regions of the world. If the world were to have a capitol city - Panama would be a strong contender for that title.

Most of the goods transported from the Far East to the western hemisphere transit through the Panama Canal. It's also one of the world's major financial centers, with over 120 banks and the bustling city of Colon is home to a "duty-free zone," making it a major hub for commerce in Central and South America. 

Panama's rise as a major economic, world-player has come at a high cost to the environment, indigenous people and its everyday citizens...which is all too often the case in developing countries. However,  current political leaders have been successfully pressured into reforms that strengthen human and environmental rights...but more needs to be done.

We believe there's no better place on earth to demonstrate clean-technology and eco-friendly techniques which have the potential to save the world! The CT Project will also seek to assist the efforts of Panama's indigenous and environmentally concerned citizens - as this will be a model for the rest of the world!