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The Civilization      Transformation Project
Meet the founder and Executive Director
James Pahl
Accolades worth mentioning...

Monteen has spent much of her career in public education. She is currently the Registrar at one of the highest achieving high schools in California. She was the "financial wizard" that kept her and her husband's electronics repair shop profitable for several years. She's always volunteering her time to help friends/family and worthy causes, such as health-freedom issues (and pouring beer at The Scottish Highland Games!!)  

She has also invested in real estate with James Pahl (not all of them are profitable...but boy, are we having fun!) She earned an A.S. in Business Administration from Mesa College in San Diego, CA

Her passions are drumming in a Scottish piping band, organic gardening and spending time with her three wonderful grandchildren.
Meet the Managing Director
    (and SUPER-SWEETIE!)
About Us

The following directors and advisory council members have been brought together by our profound love for this planet and a yearning desire to help usher in the much needed transition into a sustainable future. It's our sincerest hope that you've caught the vision of The CT Project and feel the calling to join whatever level or capacity that may be. Thank you for visiting our website and we hope your incredible journey will someday lead you to our project site in Panama...Hasta Luego!  
President & CCO
(Chief Creative Officer)
  James Pahl
Treasurer & CFO
(Chief Financial Officer)
Monteen Solberg
As a “journeyman” carpenter, property inspector, business owner and world traveler, James has over 25 years experience in the building trades as well as business related skills from working for and with a multitude of organizations.

His formal education includes an A. S. in Applied Business, an A.A.S. in Building Inspection Technology and a Private Home Inspection Certification. 

He's owned and renovated several properties. As a hands-on type person, he's constantly updating his skills and enjoys sharing this knowledge with others. His current passion is to help usher in the much needed transformation from non-sustainable human activity - to a more cohesive, balanced and sustainable existence upon the earth.
Monteen has spent much of her career in public education. She’s currently the Registrar at La Jolla High School (one of the highest achieving schools in California). She has served as Treasurer and Auditor for San Diego Unified Schools (PTA – District 9) and currently serves as Secretary for the House of Scotland, House of Pacific Relations in San Diego, CA.

She earned an A.S. in Business Administration from Mesa College in San Diego, California

Her passions include drumming in a Scottish piping band, organic gardening, traveling to remote reaches of our planet and spending time with her three grandchildren.  She also enjoys volunteering her time to support worthy causes, such as environmental and health-freedom issues.
Advisory Counsel


              Marc Venzara

         Christiaan Allbert
The CT Project Team Members


  Anne Gordon de Barrigón           
Infinite Possibilities -
                             Optimal Solutions...
Christiaan has been an activist for many years in the areas of animal rights. He’s also a financial contributor, volunteer and member of PETA, Green Peace and the Pachamama Alliance (an organization which offers support to those working for a healthier, cleaner environment, educate humanity on how to come together, live in peace, freedom and prosperity). Christiaan lives a mostly sustainable life by being a “conscious consumer,” recycling, growing much of his own food by utilizing what he’s learned about “permaculture” and buying locally. We  feel
he's qualified to be a global ambassador for the Civilization Transformation Project as he believes humans can evolve and create a sustainable future for all living beings here on planet earth.
Anne has lived in Panama since 2004 among the Emberá Indian tribe, who still live in traditional villages in the jungle. She's married to an Emberá man. She leads tours to the Emberá village to share with people from the modern world about the happy and simple life the Emberá live. In her opinion they have the quality of life the rest of the world is searching for. Anne also leads Whale & Dolphin watching & swim trips in Panama. Anne has a BA in Biology & Animal Behavior and worked as a zookeeper and trained animals for movies & TV for over 20 years.
She's also a certified practitioner of Dolphin Energy Healing. Anne’s life purpose is to teach and encourage a respect for all life, humans, animals, plants and Mother Earth to all people. We are grateful to have Anne on our team as she has forged relationships with several well-known, well-respected and effective advocates for the environment within Panama and beyond.
With a degree in advertising, Marc has had a long career in finance, sales and marketing. His passions for creating a sustainable future have led his creative energies to focus on projects he's created - The “Lifetime University” and “The Power of Us - The People's Network.” Marc is a young grandfather who feels the time horizon and concern for leaving a better planet for future generations was greatly accelerated by that title. His passions also include natural health/healing and how everything from sacred geometry, quantum physics and how indigenous
wisdom can be brought to bear on the myriad challenges humanity now faces. As a “natural networker,” he's in touch with many leaders in the natural health, sustainability and “green building” movements…which will greatly assist in the implementation and continued support of the CT Project.
With a current role as an Air Quality Inspector II with the County of San Diego, Kent works to ensure and enforce business compliance with local, state and federal air quality standards.   He has been a participating member of the Sustainable Community Action Network, Turtle Island Institute, and Future Dawning Enterprises.  As a candidate to public office, he has been a consistent, strong advocate for First Nations people.

His formal education includes a Bachelor of Science in Engineering from Harvey Mudd College and an M.S. and PhD in Biomedical Engineering from Northwestern University.

A consummate note-taker, documentarian and scribe, Dr. Mesplay is a natural fit for the position of Secretary.  He grew up in the Rainforest of Papua New Guinea (Eastern Highlands, ten years), where his views were shaped by his Native friends and visiting scientists.  He now aspires to "slow down" and assist in the much  "over-due  transition" of societies “head-long rush of progress,” which is  blind to the value of tribal ways, into one which respects and assimilates indigenous wisdom. 
  Secretary & COO
(Chief Operating Officer)
Dr. Kent Mesplay
Field Coordinator
(Panama Operations)
Melvin Ibarra
With a Panamanian Tourism Certification and a strong concern for Panama's eco-system, Melvin was a "natural" choice for the position of Field Coordinator.  We can always count on him to be there for our members while working in Panama.  He has great communication skills and is always interacting with those wanting to learn it helps him to practice English!    

Melvin also holds a degree in Dental Hygiene from La Universidad de Panamá (The University of Panama) and currently works as a dental assistant.

He's originally from the Chiriqui Province (Western Panama) and currently lives in Panama City.  Melvin is a welcomed addition to the people who'll help to make the goals of the CT Project a reality.